Ti Rayons Soleil


Ti Rayons Soleil’s main objective is to promote community development and to contribute towards poverty alleviation in Mauritius. The NGO exists to bring hope to children, women and families, even in the most dire circumstances, because they believe you are the master of your own destiny. “To kapav fer li!” (You can do it!)

TRS works predominantly in underprivileged areas where families live below the poverty line and are deprived of basic care and needs. Their goal is to change the course of lives by bringing literacy and education, food, health care, social support and empowerment programs.


Activities include:

Sun Kids after-school programme in Petit Rivière Noire which caters for 50 children from 4 to 14 years of age. The children receive education support every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
After-school programme in Cité Anoshka for 50 children providing assistance with English, French and Maths.
Learning Centre in Cité Anoshka, financed by the NEF and IBL (Monday to Saturday).
Women of Value programme where 120 women are being trained and empowered through various activities during a 12-month programme. 34 of the beneficiaries are from the Rivière Noire region.
Families in distress (approximately 150) are taken care of by social workers all over the island, every day of the week.

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