Love Bridge


The Love Bridge Project is a community and humanitarian program which aims to be part of a long-term vision to foster nation building and to promote positive human values.

Its main objective is to support and empower families who are under the poverty threshold to improve their quality of life and help them to gradually aspire to become less vulnerable, and to lead an autonomous and more satisfying life.

Love Bridge focuses on five key elements in support of the beneficiary families, namely education, health, employment, housing and nutrition. Each family is considered according to their specific needs and priorities.

Their activities include a program that pairs stable families with vulnerable families in need of support in various areas. This is a two-way enrichment program for each of the families paired together.

Love Bridge currently have 40 families participating in this project in Curepipe, Black River and Tamarin. The projects are tailored for each family according to the five key elements listed above, whether to assist the children with their schoolwork, renovate the home, or provide medical assistance, for example.