Ti Rayons Soleil (TRS)

Ti Rayons Soleil’s main objective is to promote community development and to contribute… Find out more

Anbabie Association

Anbabie is a community-based organisation striving for the development of the Petit Rivière… Find out more


ATRN exists for the development and empowerment of youth in Riviere Noire, Tamarin… Find out more

Caritas Riviere Noire

Caritas was created with one purpose: to help people in need. Their support service gives… Find out more


The ENL Foundation was established in 2010 to implement the SPV group’s CSR strategy… Find out more

Le Pont du Tamarinier

Le Pont du Tamarinier was founded in 2003 with three main focuses: 1 – Relocation and housing for… Find out more

Love Bridge

The Love Bridge Project is a community and humanitarian program which aims to be part… Find out more


MAM works with married and unmarried pregnant teenagers and young women… Find out more