Le Pont du Tamarinier


Le Pont du Tamarinier was founded in 2003 with three main focuses:

    • Relocation and housing for people in poverty and extreme poverty.
    • Monitoring and supporting families.
    • Working on sight to improve living conditions, and offering support in areas of education, social and professional life.


Successful projects include:

  1. – “The right to shelter for all”; the construction of ‘Village du Tamarinier’, a housing project where 42 families were successfully relocated.
  2. – The continual monitoring and support of 8 families following their relocation to the ‘Village des Bougainvilliers’.
  3. – Daily monitoring and support of families in 3 villages.


Ongoing projects include:

  • Empowerment of women through entrepreneurship.
  • Life skills for children and adults.
  • Library sessions.
  • Zumba classes.
  • Relocation of 38 families in Carré D’as.

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