Easing decision making

KRN is committed to helping companies make the best decision when it comes to funding social projects in the region. We facilitate your decision making process by identifying key projects in priority areas, that are in line with your sector of interest. Let us know which social sector you would like to contribute to and we will propose projects that meet your objectives.

Prior to the allocation of funds, KRN assesses the feasibility of the project to ensure that you are funding sustainable, worthy causes that will greatly benefit the local community.

Ease of monitoring

To keep you up to date, we send quarterly reports giving details of how the project is progressing.


KRN does not handle funds for NGOs, but is the link between donors and our partners. If you would like to fund, or would like more information on any one of our member NGOs, or any activity listed in our strategic plan, please get in touch with us. We will put you in contact with a representative from the respective NGO.

From Donor to Partner
We rely solely on donations from individuals and the private sector to cover our administrative costs, which includes salaries for our staff (see KRN’s organigram) and day to day expenses. Your 2% Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) contribution, made to MRA, can be paid directly to us and would go a long way in helping us!
We strongly urge our sponsors to commit to becoming long term partners with us. You can become either a core partner involved in the strategic decisions of KRN, or an economic partner, funding KRN’s activities. By investing in our network you become an active strategic component of change in the Black River community.
We also welcome volunteers to assist us with our numerous projects. If you would like to offer us your time and expertise we would be glad to hear from you.





International Organizations



Governmental Institutions / Ministries

Decentralised Cooperation Programme (DCP)

National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC)

Black River District Council

Ministry of Gender & Family Welfare &

Children’s rights

Ministry of Housing and Land

Ministry of Social Security, NS & RI

Black River Village Council

Ministry of Social Integration & Economic


National Solidarity and Reform Institutions

National Empowerment Foundation (NEF)

Citizen Advice Bureau (CAB)

National Coast Guard (NCG)

Mauritius Police Force / Western Division & Black River Police Station